Terms & Conditions

Returns and Exchanges - I will not give you a refund or remake your ring just because you do not like the way your ring turned out i.e. Not what was expected, etc. Just like you, I cannot predict end results. A lot of time and resources is spent on making every ring in the shop and I simply cannot put anything back on the shelf and expect to still make a profit. However, if your ring has abrasions, left over polish, scratches, missing inlays, etc. I can and will start a return process. The buyer will pay for shipping. Upon return and investigated, and there is a mistake on our part that we cannot fix, a full refund will be issued including the shipping costs.

Polishing service - By utilizing our polishing service, you are accepting all risks and agreeing not to hold Excalibur Rings responsible for any void in warranty of all types, jewelry damage other then negligence, etc.